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I pray to god I never have a daughter this stupid. She might as well be wearing the sign and it say my boyfriend cheated on me and I’m still with him.

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" I hope she was fucking worth it. "


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" The love i once had for you is now being replaced by the loathing taste i get in my mouth, every time i say your name. "

- me (via brooklynwinters)

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" If you have ever cheated on somebody I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry that out of all the guys in the world out of all the guys she could have picked she chose you. Then you threw her away a beautiful diamond for a piece of coal. I’m sorry for you. "

- ~SavannahVidalia (via savannahvidaliawaters)


-Sleeping With Sirens - If You Can’t Hang 


Sometimes, being a bitch can be fun.


I hope she gives you herpes . on We Heart It -


You said you were wasted and she happened to be around and you didn’t think of me because your brain was a mixed drink of lust and jack daniels.

Well that’s a shit excuse because no matter how fucked up I am on substances that could make an elephant forget, I always think of you.


- Excuses for cheating (via lisquid)

" I guess the moment it all changed was when I realized I deserved to be treated so much better. "